Our Favorite Sans Serif Alpha Dies


One of the many things I am not surprised I am asked a lot about is what are good alphabet dies to have. Because Alpha dies (along with sentiments dies) are always useful, it's always good to have them around. This is one of those times it even makes sense to have several of them. I am a minimalist crafter and even I like to keep a lot of these alphabet dies.

Just as we work with fonts digitally or different writing styles in practical arts like calligraphy and lettering, alphabet dies are the way we play around with typography when it comes to papercrafting. I originally planned to provide a helpful list of alphabet dies that you could find on the market (and I still hope to!) but decided to work with one set in particular for today: the Xcut A5 Set: Alpha (Wedding Ever After)

xcut - alphabet dies (wedding ever after)
XCUT A5 Dies: Alphabet
Wedding Ever After

PHP 1,430 (£22)

Xcut boasts a comprehensive range of designer dies, which all come complete with a clever magnetic shim. Our dies are made from the highest grade carbonised steel and are tested to deliver a superior cut. 44 pcs in a set.

A bit about Sans Serif

As we may all know, the serif is that small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol. Serifs are believed to be originally brush or chisel marks or a way to neaten carvings, and have since evolved as an entire typography branch of their own. The word "sans" (French for "without") lends itself to the phrase which is the opposite of serif typography—sans serif—essentially meaning "without serif."

Serifs are always classy and classic. But there's something very clean and modern about sans serifs that make me go for them. I love incorporating a mix of both all the time, but I feel like I can always rely on the latter to nicely dilute over-embellishing that sometimes Serif typography can lead to.

But did you know that when more sans serif typefaces began appearing in the early 20th century, they were not received very well and sans serif letter designs were in fact considered and referred to as "grotesque" because they just seemed so unusual; by then people had gotten used to centuries of serif typeface! Just an interesting tidbit. ☺


The Xcut Wedding Alpha Dies

The first thing I love about these letter dies is the size. The letters on average are 1.5 inches each, which is really just right (my ideal letter cut-outs are always the ones between 1" and 2" as they are perfect for most of your usual papercrafting projects.)

This set is designed for wedding projects too, so you'll find useful letter pairs ST, ND, RD, TH that are particularly useful for dates. Think Save the Date cards.

I cut out some here to give you a better idea of how the letters look once applied.


The look is just simple, slim and clean which always go well with a lot of things. Sometimes we don't immediately realize we are going overboard with some designing or embellishing but these letters can instantly tone things down and keep the end result well-balanced.

If you have developed the perfect relationship with your die-cutting machine and you know to use just the right amount of pressure here, you can even come up with a certain embossed look for your letter cut-outs.


This die set has 44 dies in it and is one of my personal favorites. Alphabet dies are staples. Invest in the best ones and the best designs for all your best projects!

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