Built as a commerce and media company for the creative entrepreneur, the keen hobbyist, the individual, Kaeratana’s mission is simple: to inspire creativity, in whatever form it manifests.

Founded by Reyna Bajenting in 2015, Kaeratana is now a fast-growing design + diy lifestyle name that offers sought-after multimedia services and operates a retail arm, krafty + kaeratana, for creative leisure products from all over the world. The Kaeratana Design & Media Co. team is a group of dedicated individuals and we continue to move forward with the vision of providing you with good access to creative business solutions, services, and products.


Kaeratana.com is the brand’s central blog platform, where you can get ideas for your DIY projects, discover our signature minimalist crafting, explore original contents from our design team, and get the latest news and updates about the arts and the community. The blog is expertly managed by Quinn with her background in project management, copywriting, events and marketing, and powered by her sheer and simple love for everything DIY.

Kaeratana believes that we can sprinkle free and candid creativity everywhere, not just in institutional arts. Creativity is our imagination, our attitude and our action. It is in every aspect of our days – revealing itself in our personal endeavors, dedication at work, our care for our family, or goodwill to others. In different ways and in varying degrees, we all live life creatively.  

Thank you so much for supporting us. Our job really is as simple as always trying to build a better company for you. We focus on getting the design, art and crafts enthusiasts, all of us, together. We show up for work everyday with this vision in mind, and we hope we never lose sight of it.

Our Values

Integrity  •  Individuality •  Community  •  Creative Freedom  •  Learning

Dedication •  Minimalism •  Practical Aesthetics