Three years ago and after many years of writing for online and print publications, maintaining review and recommendation blogs for things I love such as fashion, video games, food, and travelling, and then planning on quitting a full-time job in International Development to study Fashion Design, I decided to build a single, all-encompassing personal blog that would house all the things I wanted to blog about. Hence, the launching of kaeratana.com in 2012. And it has been an amazing journey since then.

With a bit more time on my hands after I quit my job as Senior Development Analyst, I was able to indulge in stress-busting, feel-good and creative hands-on activities in art and crafting, go to fashion school and study other design forms by myself. With the blog, I also had an avenue to immediately share these mini how-to’s and DIY’s with you. But just as quickly, and in a fortunate turn of events, my hobbies and my passions became a full-time work on its own. Along with delving into swimwear design, managing small businesses and providing web solutions on the side, getting partially involved in my old line of work because it still remains something I want to do, and constant visiting of families in different parts of the globe, things got active and exciting once again. The blog grew and I met a lot of wonderful, creative people in the process.

After a short hiatus, the time being spent consolidating and setting up the creative business and making sure everything was more in place, Kaeratana was relaunched mid-year 2015, with help from the most brilliant, creative and nice people I know, and it is what you see now: a fast-growing design + diy lifestyle blog that is also focused on getting the design, arts and crafts enthusiasts in the country together. Big thanks to all of you for the support. - 2015.